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Ensuring a fair Lottery for the nation
£35 billion for good causes
£59 billion in prizes

About National Lottery Regulation

The National Lottery Commission merged with the Gambling Commission on 1 October 2013. As part of the Gambling Commission, it is responsible for licensing and regulating the National Lottery.

We protect the integrity of the Lottery; protect players; and maximise funds to good causes. We also run the competition for the licence and select the operator of the Lottery.

The Commission has the following powers:

  • We run the competition process to select the operator of the Lottery.
  • We make sure that the operator meets the conditions of the licence.
  • We can take legal action if necessary. If the operator breaks the conditions of the licence, we can impose a financial penalty. Ultimately we could withdraw a licence, but that would only happen under extreme circumstances.

Page last reviewed: February 2016

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