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Reporting suspicious bets

We work with the betting industry, sports governing bodies and the police to prevent match-fixing and protect sports betting integrity. 

LCCP: Licence condition 15.1

If you are a licensed betting operator you must provide relevant sports governing bodies with information you suspect may:

  • lead us to consider making an order to void a bet
  • relate to a breach of a rule applied by that sport governing body. 

The information you provide must be sufficient for them to conduct an effective investigation. For a list of the relevant sports governing bodies see:

Part 3 of Schedule 6 of the Gambling Act 2005

Contact details for most sports governing bodies can be found in the useful links section. 

Licence conditions and codes of practice also contains an ordinary code provision which requires you to take all reasonable steps to familiarise yourself with the rules applied by relevant sports governing bodies.

LCCP: Ordinary code 4.2.8