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Ensuring a fair Lottery for the nation
£35 billion for good causes
£59 billion in prizes

Publications and Research

The Commission’s main publications and published research are available to download in PDF format. For enquiries about any publications not listed on this site, please contact our Communications team on 0121 230 6750.

As required by the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Commission has a Publication Scheme, which sets out the information we publish or can make available, how this information is available and whether any charge will be made for supplying the information.

Our Publication Scheme available to download from this page. If you have any queries about our publications, please contact us on 0121 230 6750 or

Recent publications
Date Publication
August 2016 Funds for good causes reports, Q1 2016-17
May 2016 Funds for good causes reports, Q4 2015-16
February 2016 Funds for good causes reports, Q3 2015-16

Page last reviewed: May 2013