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Calendar of publications, consultations and events

We want to give you as much notice as possible on new information, opportunities to provide feedback and for any events in which we are involved in which you may be interested.

The calendar below is updated frequently and you may see some dates change as we take into account new information and adapt our plans accordingly.

We try to be as accurate as possible, but please return here frequently to check for updates.



Combined Health Survey Report 2016 (GB)

6 Sept 2018 

Consultation on age and identity verification 

Sept 2018

Consultation on clarifying the LCCP requirement on contributions to research, education and treatment (RET)

Sept 2018

  • Quarterly Participation & Prevalence Statistics
30 Oct 2018 

Changes to conditions to society lottery limits (subject to the Government’s Consultation on Society Lottery Reform )

Oct 2018

Raising Standards conference for industry CEOs

8 Nov 2018

Industry statistics

Nov 2018

Consultation on Licence conditions and codes of practice (LCCP) relating to customer interaction

early 2019

Gambling Participation in 2018: behaviour, awareness and attitudes 

26 Feb 2019 

  • Quarterly Participation & Prevalence Statistics

26 Feb


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